Denizli is ranked as the second largest city in Aegean region after İzmir with its population of over 500000. With its huge trade and business potential, it deserves being called as an economic hub in the region. Denizli, as a vibrant city, abounds with a number of small and large scale of textile companies having business connections with a number of trade centers in the USA and EU. Its trade opportunities considerably contribute to economic and social life in the city which enables the city attract a lot of university students every year. The number of university students is constantly increasing every year. The University accommodates up to 30000 students at the moment. There are some famous landmarks of the city such as rooster and Pamukkale which is awarded being placed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These are very popular attractions visitors can enjoy during their stay in the city.




İbrahim Cinkaya Social Sciences High School was opened in 2011-2012 education term. The fundamental principle of the school is built on the idea of graduating students equipped with all necessery skills and capabilities to compete with other nationals in global extent to raise Turkey’s values and prosperity. The school aims at moulding every student into an individual with a vigorous and insourmountable commitment to Turkish flag, identity and values. ICSBL’s vision is to provide students with opportunities to learn 2 languages and shape a generation of students who devote his all life to making Turkish language a globally accepted science language.