• What is the dress code?

  - The participants must wear formal clothes during the conference (including the workshops and the ceremonies). Wearing sneakers, jeans or any casual clothes are strictly out of order. Business attire would be appropriate for female participants. Male participants must be wearing a tie/bowtie and a jacket. Colorful attire will be accepted.


• Who can apply?

  - Every high school, college and university student can apply to our conference.


• Does this conference include social events?   

  - Yes, it does. The social events will be announced soon.


• What procedure will the committees follow?

  - They will be following Harvard Procedure.


• Is it compulsory to attend all the sessions?

  - Delegates who miss more than 1 session will not be able to have their certificates of participation.


• How can I get prepared for the conference ?

  - You may get prepared by examining the study guides and researching the policies of your assigned country and the other countries in your committee. Researching is the first and most important step in preparing for a conference. Not only is it necessary to have a grasp on information about the country you are representing and its position on the policies being discussed, it is also important to understand the UN body that your committee is representing. To do so, you will need to research three different areas.

   - Your country and its positions;

   - The issues to be debated at the conference; and

   - The UN system.


• What about fees, transportation and accommodation?

  - Details about FAT will be announced soon.


If you have more questions, please contact us.